Interview: The Count & Sinden

Way back when, I had the pleasure of interviewing dub-pioneering production and DJ duo The Count & Sinden. While it may be an old interview, these boys are still prolific in as a duo and in their own right, with The Count lining up his latest release ‘How Can I Live Without You’ under his own alias of Hervé, while Sinden continues to smash up dancefloors with his track ‘Pull Up Wheel Up’ and releases from his label Grizzly. Check out them talk about their roles and also some interesting stories from their collaborations:


So for those who haven’t heard you before what can people expect from your DJ sets?

C&S – Just something different I guess. We like to mix together exclusive remixes of our stuff with some of our more familiar material, reaching back into the past and bring it up to date. We’re try to bring across a live band experience but without a full rig, playing some of our old a cappellas over new, less well known tunes. It’s not going to be all club bangers, we want to be able to entertain the crowd yet hold our own.

Would you ever perform a live show?

C&S – Its early days for the album, so we would need to give it six or seven months and see where the album’s been and how much success it’s had, in order to make it financially viable. For the meantime we think that a DJ set is just as legitimate. We’re still performing , we’re still giving you the Count and Sinden and ultimately we want to give you the best night possible and a DJ set gives us the most flexibility for that. Also since we recorded some of the tracks, some of the artists who lent vocals have become huge. So it would have to be a pretty special occasion for us to bring back Katy B, Bashy or The Mystery Jets, so maybe a festival type event, a Glastonbury or something.

You’ve got some huge, up and coming names on your album like Katy B and The Mystery Jets and you often get there before the big labels. You both have your own labels, so would you ever try and sign these names up?

C&S – We would certainly like to, however to get there’s often issues in the way. Katy B, for instance, is closely affiliated with the Rinse FM crew so we couldn’t just go and steal her away. Also it takes a lot of time and money to make these type of acts in to number one chart hits, time and money we both dont have. So we’re, at the moment, both happy to be mere talent spotters and if we get these stars to record tracks with us before they’re big then of course we are going to be happy. It makes us look good and opens our album up to listeners who maybe haven’t heard of us before but like Katy B’s work.

Are there any people coming up on your labels – Cheap thrills and Grizzly – that you’d like to tell us about?

S – Yeah coming up on Grizzly there is a future disco producer called Jon Giovanni who is making some interesting stuff. Mele who is in the post-dubstep, poly-rhythmic area of music, again I think he’s got potential for great things.

C – I’ve got Jack Beats preparing their album which is looking really good, some really promising material on their. We’ll probably be teaming up with a bigger label to release it, but I cant wait for that. Also Fake Blood says he is half way through his, so we should see that sometime soon hopefully.


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