Siren – Buckets Of Blood/The Surrender

Discovered a great new record this morning in the shape of Siren’s new double-A side released yesterday. Single ‘Buckets Of Blood’ has already been causing a bit of a stir due to the video (YouTube) which showcases the many talents of Siren, real name Stefan Niedermeyer, including being a sick skateboarder and apparently, a penchant for performing on rooftops.

For me though, the flip side ‘The Surrender’ is the one that’s really grabbed my attention. Kicking off with a playful and iTunes-advert-friendly piano riff, the track builds up to a brilliant conclusion with the added vocals of Lucy Rose, a fellow singer/songwriter who can seem to do no wrong at the minute.

I’ll be playlisting this track for my first slot on DIY Radio that kicks off Friday May 5th, so be sure to tune in if you like the sounds of this.


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Aspiring radio presenter, producer, DJ and blogger. 21. Work with/for/on: DIY Radio, Fuse FM, Student Radio Awards, Exposure DJs, Undercurrent and more.

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