A Journey Into Sound: Interview with Tony Andrews (Funktion One)

Here’s a find well worth sharing for anyone out there who’s very much into not only their music, but the way it reaches your ears. You might not have heard of Tony Andrews, or even of his company, Funktion One, but there is no doubt that you would have seen their distinctive purple-bound speakers at gig venues and raves up and down the country. And there’s good reason for it too.

Catch Tony here delivering an extra-special lecture for the Point Blank music academy. While he may often drift from the topic, the insight he comes out with into the importance of hi-definition audio and how to achieve it is some of the best you’ll hear.

If you like what you see and hear, Tony’s nuggets of knowledge can be found all over the internet. My personal favourite?

The problem is that unless you get everything right across the audio chain, you can compromise your sound. It’s like having ten window panes lined up one after another – if one is blurred, you won’t be able to get a clear view. It’s the same with an audio chain. It only takes one fault along the entire chain to ruin the sound.

Wise words indeed.


Rewind! The Heatwave Celebrates 50 Years of Jamaican Independence

This week marks the celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence, and so, what better way to celebrate than to track the journey of musical influences spreading out from the island? London-based bashment sound champions The Heatwave certainly think so, having rolled out the brilliant ‘Five Million Rewinds’ mixtape. Like the title suggests, the tracklisting contains only the strongest of jams guaranteed to get a rewind both back in the day and at tomorrow’s parties, highlighting how the Jamaican style has over time permeated through to the modern sounds coming out of London today. Probably the best education on 50 years of Jamaican sounds you can get right now, and all for free! Follow the link, download, and reewwiinndd!

Futures & Indigo Records: Sticking It To The Man

Today, one of my favourite band Futures launched their own label Indigo Records. Here’s the word from their official blog:

As a lot of you know, last week we left Mercury Records, so we could finally release our long awaited debut album. We’ve spent our week putting all our energy into ways to release it, and we can confirm that the album will be put out by our own label, created by us.

That is most definitely, for want of a better term, bad ass! Of course, the major labels have their place still, but in today’s musical landscape maybe we are seeing more that ‘going it alone’ is the way forward: see Radiohead’s ‘pay what you want’ release of ‘In Rainbows’, or the spontaneous output of the ever-elusive Jai Paul (check out his new one ‘Jasmine’).

Interview on BCB 106.6FM Bradford

Earlier this week saw the annual Student Radio Conference take place at the University of Bradford, during which the Voice Of Student Radio Awards competition was held. After filtering down a longlist and then short entries, I was delighted to be announced the Male Voice winner, as decided by judges from Wise Buddah and BBC Radio.

Here is the audio from an interview I went on to do with BCB 106.6FM Bradford about the experience.


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